Our offer


We are importer of industrial fertilizers and related chemicals to the Czech Republic.

The goods originate mainly in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and other European and non-European countries. The merchandise can be delivered in bulk or packed in 500kg Big-bags or 50 kg/25 kg PE bags. Delivery is carried out mostly by trucks to a place appointed by a customer.

The products we offer include mainly:

- Nitrogen fertilizers: Urea 46%N, CAN 27%N, ASN (Saletrosan), Ammonium sulphate

- Phosphorus fertilizers: MAP 12-52, DAP 18-46, superphosphates

- Potassium fertilizers: MOP 60%

- Magnesium fertilizers: bitter salt (magnesium sulphate)

- Combined fertilizers: NPK, NP, NK and PK fertilisers of various ratios

Apart from the above listed, we are able to provide nearly any fertilizer to the wishes of the customer.